Weekly pregnancy calendar

How does the baby develop by week of pregnancy? Your baby’s development begins shortly after conception. The pregnancy calendar will tell you what your baby can already do in the current week of pregnancy:

Motor skills : Motor skills develop in a child from the 8th week of pregnancy. At first, the baby only shudders, at the 9th week of pregnancy, the spinal cord is already so developed that the baby can already control the head and limbs. The child may already begin to hiccup at this time. Starting from the 11th week of pregnancy, respiratory movements appear.

Touch : As early as 6 weeks after conception, the baby feels the touch of the lips. During pregnancy, sensitivity is distributed throughout the baby’s body. Soon the child begins to feel the temperature difference.

Hearing : At the 24th week of pregnancy, the organs of hearing begin to develop. From about 32 weeks of pregnancy, the hearing organs were completely formed. The child clearly hears the mother’s voice, gurgling sounds in the mother’s stomach and the rustle of blood circulation.

Taste : The baby begins to taste after 24 weeks of pregnancy. Thus, the mother influences the development of the child’s eating habits. For example, if a mother eats a lot of fish or garlic, then in the future the child will also eat fish and garlic with pleasure.

Smell : From the 28th week of pregnancy, babies are able to smell amniotic fluid. However, they are unable to distinguish these sensations of smell from sensations of taste. Immediately after birth, the sense of smell will be very important, the child will use the sense of smell to search for and find the mother’s breasts and mother’s milk. Breastfeeding could not function properly without the baby’s sense of smell.

Vision : At the 16th week of pregnancy, the baby can make eye movements for the first time. It has not yet been definitively investigated how well the child already sees after childbirth. Studies have shown that the fetus reacts when a bright flashlight is directed at a pregnant woman’s abdomen. This shows that the fetus is able to perceive light. In the last trimester of pregnancy, vision is already developed, but the child can see only after childbirth.

Feelings : Pregnancy is an important period for the emotional development of the child. Scientists have found that when a mother talks intensively with a child during pregnancy, the baby’s heartbeat accelerates. The child is sensitive to the mood of the mother.


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