Human Hair Bob Wigs – Why Look Further Directly Into This Characteristic..

Deciding if you should tell friends and family regarding your need to wear discount human hair wigs could be a hard mountain to climb. Personally, I really like wearing wigs and having such a good way to add some diversity to my look, while for a friend of mine with alopecia, wearing a wig is the only method you can get her away from home. Is either one wrong or great? Below I will discuss my feelings on the matter and hopefully help everyone to better know the way wearing wigs is a personal journey and at the end of the day you should be pleased with you.

This all depends upon your situation. In the case of my buddy, her family threw wigs at her to try and make her think that she had before she lost her hair; while with my situation – anyone who has natural hair but wants to wear wigs – it was a little bit more difficult to explain why I actually do this on the daily and not simply for special events. But discussing your reason for wearing a wig, will make them much more inclined to understand your perspective.

How Comfortable Are You Currently With Other People Knowing? I actually have been wearing wigs for such a long time that it is a non-issue where others either don’t mention it or if they do they compliment me then it’s back to the normal conversation. I actually have never been in a situation where I have felt like the outlier because I was wearing a wig in a social situation. With higher quality 99j bob like our hand-tied, lace front wigs, nobody has to know you’re wearing a wig except if you let them know.

Everything That Matters. No matter how your family and friends react, should you be happy and you will have the confidence to live a much better, brighter, and fuller life, that in the end is perhaps all that is important. Once your family and friends – no matter how against it they could be – find out how different you happen to be as well as your confidence level shift, it will be difficult for one to say that they think wearing a wig is actually a bad idea.

It is actually no distinctive from wearing makeup. However it is no one’s business. If somebody had the nerve to question if I’m wearing a wig, I might have the nerve to merely say”This really is my hair”. Could you ask someone if their teeth are capped? Or if perhaps they had a nose job? I certainly hope not! I used to do business with a pleasant older lady who had major hair thinning, and individuals would joke regarding it behind her back! I needed a buddy going through chemo who stated she would rather die than lose her hair! Again, I have to say….. it really is no one’s business however your own! If you feel good and confident wearing a wig, everyone who cares about you should be happy for you personally!

I tend to think of wearing high density full lace wigs or even an extension as no different than wearing makeup. Makeup smooths your skin layer, covers imperfections, highlights the eyes, etc. Why must it be different to use extensions? Extensions give my fine, thin hair body, as well as length; a complete improvement to how my hair looks. Much like few are born using the skin of any model, not everyone is born with thick beautiful hair. I don’t go around telling everyone I have extensions, but my buddies know. I’ve never eoxrjc anyone ask me, having said that i have volunteered whenever they let me know their hair “could never look that way”.

I began wearing toppers last wear due to my thinning hair with no shampoo or treatment appears to work and I just don’t desire to face the inevitable…and have people feel sorry to me. My husband is glad if it gives me confidence. I’ve only told a few people, simply to confirm to the people brave enough to question. I chose pieces near my bio hair color. Now I guess people may ask, because I really got a new piece in a much lighter color. It’s no ones business but when someone asks I will tell. I’m not ashamed and it can help them to learn how to deal with hair thinning.