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Pine Pollen originates from pine trees, of which there are over 126+ species within the Pinus genus and also Pinaceae family. These include Pinus sylvestris, Pinus longaeva, Pinus ponderosa, Pinus pumila, pinus contorta and Many others. Every one of such has a typical name, or perhaps a number of names, such as lodgepole pine, Siberian dwarf pine, and many more. Different species of pine forests are normally found throughout most of the Northern hemisphere as pictured in this particular world map.

Pine trees produce a number of edible substances. Many individuals are familiar with the pine nut, and that is normally put into use to make pesto. Pine tree bark, particularly out of the French maritime pine, is applied in a different supplement. At the right phase of growth, pine needles can in addition be used or used making tea. And more notably, for the purposes of this report, is the Pine Pollen.

The pine tree pollen stems from the male cones or even catkins. Most people that have grown up around pine trees are gon na be common with the female pine cone. Yet it is the male pine cones which spread the pollen. Thinking in biological terms, equating humans to pines, male sperm is the equivalent of the pollen…which is one reason it is likely to aid in those similar areas and functions.

To our eyes, it is a fine yellow powder. But, when you view Pine Pollen under a microscope, you will see what is called the “Mickey Mouse” shape. Each grain has a middle with two bulbs at aproximatelly 120 degrees off of it.

This pine cone pollen is heavy with phyto-androgens that serve not simply to fertilize pine cones, but additionally to massively spread their “growth message” on the ecological program by spreading it far and wide. Once more, this shows the reason it can be great as human food.

There’s a lot of health benefits to Tongkat Ali Powder because of the wide range of nutrients it provides. While several herbs are used since they supply only one benefit (and this’s where isolated supplements and drugs are focused on), Pine Pollen is packed with many.

This’s the situation with just about all reproductive substances. Eggs, despite being vilified because of cholesterol regardless of the reality that dietary cholesterol not really being associated with inner levels, are 1 of the greatest food out there (as long as you don’t have hypersensitivity to them). Why? Because these eggs have the actual products needed to create new life.

Pine Pollen is much the same since it is the fertilizing factor in nature. It can help create life and as such, has plenty to help do so. It helps spring to occur in places where pine trees exist. It is a strong activator of the ecology. While we’ll be diving into several of the proven research and benefits later, this way of thinking of it’s holistically essential for the health of yours.

Pine Pollen for fertility- It being a huge supporter of hormone and reproductive health, it can for sure assist you if you are lacking in this specific department. Pine Pollen for ED – While just drugs are able to “treat” erec-tile dysfunction (which was an expression created when a certain blue pill were introduced in the market), this pollen can help restore natural health to all kinds of yoiusb factors & areas. The male pe-nis is only one such area.

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Pine Pollen for losing weight – Nearly everyone’s favorite area since so many people need help here. There’s nothing in Pine Pollen that does it specifically or in a serious way. But by providing plenty of vitamins, that a lot of people tend to be lacking, and the endocrine support, both women and men will probably have much better foundational health from which to lose fat.